Your R500 monthly donation can give 12 adolescents a better every year. 100% funds adolescent development projects.

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Donations go a long way in our efforts to ensuring a brighter tomorrow for our young leaders. 100%
of the funds go to adolescent development projects.

All our initiatives and adventures are amazing and enriching, however without they remain only a
ideas. Donations go a long way in helping each of our teens take a step closer to reaching their
dreams, goals and aspiration.

Contribute to our fourth service of reaching out to those in need. In our drive we encounter a less
fortunate teens and families who greatly benefit from our program. Here at Akhona Teens push to
provide these teens a chance to level the playing field and gain access to the same opportunities,
education and resources necessary for them to prosper. It is in this service where we pride ourselves
the most.