Success Coaching for Teenagers

Our leadership Development Programs  focuses on upskilling and expanding the knowledge of young between 13-19 years old through workshops covering practical entrepreneurship.

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Our goal is to make their lives better

Life is so demanding and puts a lot of pressure on teenagers these days. Our highly skilled team of experienced adolescent development experts helps teenagers and families be in charge when cruising through the challenges that school, social pressures, family dynamics, college admissions, and life can present.

Our coaching methods are rooted in the fields of adolescent development, positive psychology, and mindfulness.

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We advance socio-economic development by investing in programs tailored to advance young people.


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Join the elite ranks of hypergrowth growth and industry leaders who are keen to share their knowledge and help young people grow.


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Your donations have helped us grow from providing pads to a few to thousands of girls in rural South Africa.


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Volunteering is very advantageous to you, since you get the opportunity to meet the dreamers and hand over gifts you purchased for them.

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#A Thousand Ways to Smile

A THOUSAND WAYS TO SMILE is our ongoing donation drive dedicated to providing 10 000 dignity packs to 10 000 girls in rural villages.

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100% of the money you raise will go to building a better future for teenagers in poverty-stricken communities.

Raise Funds for A Thousand Ways to Smile Campaign

A 1000 WAYS TO SMILE is our ongoing donation drive dedicated to providing 10 000 dignity packs to 10 000 girls in rural villages.

Portrait Of Male Student Building And Programing Robot Vehicle In School Computer Coding Class
Raise funds for Hluvukani Innovation Hub

We believe true innovation happens when young people are given the access, opportunity and environment to explore and build their own ideas to make life better, simpler, safer or more fun.

Raise funds for Akhona Teens Entrepreneurial Academy

Entrepreneurship education focuses on developing real-world skills that will help students to lead exceptional lives in a rapidly changing world.

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Our team celebrates our passion for changing the world, investing in future leaders, and lending a helping hand when South Africa needs it the most.

Ruth Mthabine

Founder & Visionary

Mac Duke

Mentor & Strategy Lead

Monica Ngwenya

Financial Manager

Its Time for The Future To Lead

Founded by a parent who understands the pain of raising teenagers, Ruth Mthabine, understands how it is for you and will move mountains to see to it that your child’s future is secured.

When teens live a purpose driven life, they won't have drugs and alcohol to do,
Ruth Mthabine
Founder & Visionary

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The Story of Akhona Teens Leadership Foundation

Live life big. Those are three words that best describe Ruth Mthabine, the founder and visionary of Akona Teens Leadership Foundation.

Teens laughing in the park
Teen Chat: What Do You Think Of The World?

Please take a few minutes to write down your beliefs about people, life, and the world or comments you’ve heard people make about these things.

Just believe
Teen Chat: 7 Ways to Believe In Yourself – Part 2

Please take the time to think about how many positive words you could use to describe the things you do with the above adjectives and add some more. 

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