Love and Memories Do Not Truly die; Thus, There Can Be No Real Loss: The Story of Akhona Teens Leadership Foundation


1. In The Begging

Live life big. Those are three words that best describe Ruth Mthabine, the founder and visionary of Akona Teens Leadership Foundation. Akhona Teens Leadership Foundation is a tool for the heart. It helps teenagers believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that all things are possible, that their dreams are valid and that they can use their talents to leave the world better than they have found it. In short, Akhona Teens Leadership Foundation helps adolescents to start businesses to employ, have a 6th sense for managing money, and believe in their ability to become anything.

quest for immortality 

2. Inspiration In Every Turn

Akhona Teens Leadership Foundation is a story behind the story. When we lose someone we truly love, we try hard to let them go but the heart cannot live without them. Over time we learn to live with the love they left behind. The inspiration behind Akhona Teens was after the passing of Ruth’s son Akhona back in 2017. Love and memories do not truly die; thus, there can be no real loss. Akhona Teens is a remarkable happily ever after for the future of our nation.

3. The Beauty Of It All

Fatherlessness is cancer that is eating away our society. Today’s generation is the most fatherless and insecure generation that has ever lived, and we are prepared to sacrifice everything for just a little love. One of the most effective programs in Akhona Teens is aimed at supporting boys that are raised b single mothers with no male role model. The programs give fatherless boys the opportunity to be better men. In most cases, fatherless boys think of themselves as no better than unburied seeds. The psychological effects of living without a father are on their own a signal of distress. Despite the tragedy, Akhona Teens have taken it upon themselves to become the foothold mentorship and successful coaching to fatherless boys.

4. The Mission and The Vission

Our vision is to build a generation of youth positively empowered with Godly character and positive habits; collaborating to make the world a better place and sustain it.

Our mission is to develop our teenagers’ leadership skills by providing them with programs that are aimed at preparing them to be future leaders.

4. Powered By Purpose

Youth still find it hard to secure jobs in South Africa. As they transition into adulthood, young people in their teens and early 20s are at a pivotal point in their lives. In spite of young people having higher unemployment rates than older workers, the Great Recession and the slow recovery have brought to light the challenges they face when transitioning from adolescence into full-time employment that enables them to be independent.

A new report examines employment trends among teens ages 16-19 and young adults aged 20-24 and compares these groups with adults aged 25-54 — those in their prime work years. The primary activity of teens until they graduate from high school is likely to be school, but early work experiences (part-time and in the summer) can provide valuable opportunities for them to learn new skills, gain experience, expand their networks, and develop positive relationships with adults.

Life is so demanding and puts a lot of pressure on teenagers these days. Our highly skilled team of experienced adolescent development experts helps teenagers and families be in charge when cruising through the challenges that school, social pressures, family dynamics, college admissions, and life can present.

Founded by a parent who understands the pain of raising teenagers, Ruth Mthabine, understands how it is for you and will move mountains to see to it that your child’s future is secured. 

5. What We Do

Our Leadership Development Programs focus on upskilling and expanding the knowledge of young between 13-19 years old through workshops covering African Identity.

Personal Development

If you want to commit to Personal Development but aren’t sure where to start, look at the many courses available to assist in reaching your personal goals today.

Financial Literacy

While our youth might not need to worry about mortgages, rent, or student loans just yet, they’re still making financial decisions that could not only affect their financial situation today but also for years to come.

Teen Preneurship

Entrepreneurship courses will develop the analytical abilities and strategic competencies necessary for teenagers. who wish to become entrepreneurs.

6. How It Works

Our coaching methods are rooted in the fields of adolescent development, positive psychology, and mindfulness.

Our NPO model closes the gap between the haves and the have nots. When your child enrolls in one of our programs, they give less fortunate teenagers the opportunity to reach their dreams. More privileged families enroll their teenagers in our programs, and we take 100% of the proceeds to less privileged children. In that way, we close the gap and create opportunities for everyone. 

7. Reach Us

2 Anemoon Road, Glen Marais, Kempton Park 1619 

083 234 2875

Ruth Mthabine
Ruth Mthabine

Live life big. Those are three words that best describe Ruth Mthabine, the founder and visionary of Akona Teens Leadership Foundation.

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