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Akhona Teens Leadership Foundation is a tool for the heart. It helps teenagers believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that all things are possible, that their dreams are valid and that they can use their talents to leave the world better than they have found it

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Our goal to makes better their lives

Life is so demanding and puts a lot of pressure on teenagers these days. Our highly skilled team of experienced adolescent development experts helps teenagers and families be in charge when cruising through the challenges that school, social pressures, family dynamics, college admissions, and life can present.


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Our coaching methods are rooted in the fields of adolescent development, positive psychology, and mindfulness.
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Our leadership Development Programs focus on upskilling and expanding the knowledge of young between 13-19 years old through workshops covering practical entrepreneurship.

Digital Skills

The growth potential of the digital economy presents an opportunity for tackling the youth employment challenge.


Teen entrepreneurship gives young people the opportunity to plan their own destinies. 

Personal Development

Personal development cannot prevent bad things from occurring but it will help teenagers deal with them when they do.

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Our team celebrates our passion for changing the world, investing in future leaders, and lending a helping hand when South Africa needs it the most.